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 Long  story short, we're basically just a group of positive  people making a  positive impact and  those looking to elevate their life on every level:  mentally,  financially, physically, and emotionally in order  to  achieve an immeasurable amount of GROWTH and SUCCESS; TOGETHER.    

Mindless to Millionaire. Millionaire to Mindful.


From a life of crime, drugs, violence, getting arrested, successfully escaping from a correctional facility at the age of 16, dropping out of school, becoming a mother at 17, surviving sexual abuse, depression, pain and starting my first company at 20,  becoming a self-made millionaire at 24, owning and investing in nearly 10 companies, producing over 500 events in 10 countries, living in an 8,400 square foot mansion at 26, making millions, living the "good life" and then choosing to walk away from it all empty handed at 27 for the "great life." 

This is my story. 

In this book, you’ll learn the skills that I have spent over 10 years obsessively studying, practicing, and enhancing in order to become my best me, achieve true happiness, live out my passions, turn those passions into profit, build a multi-million-dollar industry from the ground up, overcome depression/anxiety, take my power back, get in the best shape of my life, find fulfillment, purpose, and just ....finally living my best life every single day. 




Meet the 29 year old entrepreneur who dropped out at 15, earned her first million at 24, founded 7+ companies, changed countless lives, and walked away from every dollar she ever earned at 27. Elina is addicted to enhancing and expanding the human mind and potential, as well as, providing others with the resources, education, and platform to do the same; teaching them how to build and live a LIFE OF all areas.

"At ISP, our mission is to provide you with the proper platform, mentors, speakers, and genuine, authentic human connection along with proven strategies, resources, and tools of a higher education beyond what is available in educational  institutions so that you can implement these values into your every day lives...... for the rest of their lives. 

This isn't your typical motivational mastermind or event to get you all hyped up to revert to sitting on your ass and falling back into the same stagnant/self-destructive habits. This is a personal investment for the rest of your life. ISP is specifically designed for people who are committed to their growth. Properly implementing the education and experience you'll gain at ISP will allow you to begin tapping into your full  potential and creating a new way of life that is abundant in all areas.  

You can also continue to receive access to these tools, resources, and more on a  daily basis through a membership to our Growth Group Mastermind; our online community of motivated people like yourself who are dedicated to supporting and empowering each other. Growth Group is comprised of numerous influential powerhouses, CEO's, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, professional athletes, authors, speakers, and go-getters who have a passion of sharing their success and resources with others."


We can make the world a better place by 'effecting'  and 'affecting' a life a day in a positive and impactful way.  

One good deed has the ability to make a single ripple that can form into a tsunami of positive change and impact. 

Let's go  make some waves! 

- Elina Lee

Author, Founder & CEO of Inner Success Project


 The  ISP Growth Group is an EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY + MASTERMIND for  those looking to elevate their life on every level: Mentally, financially,  physically, and emotionally.  We are a community and  network of  positive people making a positive impact , professionals, CEOs, influential powerhouses, entrepreneurs,  business moguls, and philanthropists who elevate each other on every  level in life, health, wealth, business, purpose, fulfillment, success,  and abundance. 

Our members gain access to exclusive content, videos, programs, and advice from 6  to 9 figure earners, professional athletes, actors, business moguls,  authors, motivational speakers and more.  Long story short, we're basically just a  group of positive and ambitious people coming together to help each  other, hold each other accountable on the daily, and work together to  overcome every-day obstacles in life, health, wealth, and business to  achieve an immeasurable amount of GROWTH and SUCCESS; TOGETHER. 

At ISP Growth Group, we’re all about authenticity. We’re real, raw, honest, up front, authentic, and as unfiltered as it gets because that’s exactly what you need in order to grow and succeed. 

So, leave your limitations behind. 

 Let's grow! 

Interactive #SHAREYOURSTORY Live Videos


Sergio Delavicci from John Wick 3, Creed 2, humanitarian, motivational speaker, actor, and model popped into Growth Group for a  featured ISP  #SHAREYOURSTORY Interactive Live Video. 


TED Talks Speaker, business owner, podcast host, and vegan superwoman, Connie Chi, shared so much insight into GROWTH and SUCCESS during her  featured ISP #SHAREYOURSTORY  Interactive Live Video. 



Join ISP Speaker & Growth Group Leader, TEDx Speaker, CEO, Marketing Mastermind, and Author, Connie Chi, as she hosts the Humanizing Brands  podcast by The Chi Group! Connie dishes out her secrets on marketing and branding acquired over 15+ years (that's a really long time)! 


Join ISP Speaker & Growth Group Leader, ISP Coach, Best-Selling Author and Human Optimization Expert, Robby D'Angelo on the "Biohacked Life" podcast! "Biohacking" is utilizing the holistic approach to mind, body, and soul to live a fulfilled life that pushes the limits of human potential! 


At ISP Cancun, you'll meet and connect with other like-minded, positive, hungry, ambitious, individuals who are on the same mission to just THRIVE and live life to it's fullest: IN EVERY SINGLE AREA. This event will feature Keynote Speakers who have been featured with TEDx and multiple other podcasts, magazines, television shows, and more.  These ladies and gents will have you PUMPED ALL THE WAY UP and VIBRATING SO HIGH so that you can finally TAP INTO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, FINANCIALLY & EMOTIONALLY, define and realize your goals, discover your purpose, conquer your limitations, improve your health, strengthen your relationships, design your future, develop financial freedom, and become the master of your own life!  Get ready for non-stop action, energy, growth, development, realization, motivational speakers, breakout sessions, group workouts/activities, and so much more!

Take life into your own hands and become the best "YOU" there is!

Homeless to an Elite Experience and Education.


Your support and contributions will enable us to improve conditions for people who suffer from depression, financial crisis, health conditions, homelessness, and nominations of those in need that we receive from our members, donors, and sponsors.  Your generous donation will fund our mission of providing solutions, support, tools, resources, elite experiences, opportunities, and a higher education beyond what is available in educational institutions so that those less fortunate can take what they gained at ISP and implement it into their every day lives...... for the rest of their lives.......... Creating a life that is abundant in all areas: mentally, physically, financially, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.   

This project is not limited to the homeless. We also support and accept nominations of those in need that we receive from our members, donors, and sponsors.  


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Meet our Founder

 Self-Made Millionaire by age 24, Single Mother, Adrenaline Junkie, Escape Convict, Founder of 7 Companies, Produced 500+ Events in 10 Countries, Built a Collective Network of Over 100 Million Worldwide since 2011, Addicted to enhancing and expanding the human mind and potential.

Elina founded The 'Inner Success Project,' as a movement dedicated to helping others find fulfillment and tap into their full potential mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Each year, Elina produces numerous international retreats and Masterminds. Her mission is to create a community for positive, like-minded people to gather, grow, empower, and support one another while having fun traveling the world, as well as, to create a solid platform for people to share their stories through her #SHAREYOURSTORY project.

Besides ISP, Elina is involved in multiple business ventures including a non-profit for underprivileged children, mixed martial arts (MMA) master academies, real estate investments, international publication and distribution, luxury event production, and more. Elina is also the Founder and CEO of IEN Publishing and Production, (International Entertainment Network Publishing and Production): The only all inclusive one-stop-shop in the entertainment industry for all of your professional pre-production, post-production, writing, publishing, printing, distributing, merchandising, direct shipping, inventory storage, marketing, press/media, luxury concierge services, and luxury event production needs. (THE ONLY COMPANY THAT LET'S YOU KEEP THE LION'S SHARE OF YOUR ROYALTIES AND EARNINGS. FOREVER.)



"From getting arrested as an adolescent, successfully escaping from a juvenile correctional facility at age 16, dropping out of school, becoming a mother at 17, surviving sexual abuse, depression, making millions then choosing to walk away from it all and set out on her personal journey toward inner success; Elina’s story is a perfect example of how anyone can achieve success despite their circumstances.

Full-time mother. Mental health advocate. Self-made millionaire. High school and college drop-out. Adrenaline junkie. Bad ass. Just a few words to describe her. Since she was a child, Elina was never afraid of risk or a challenge; in fact, she has always embraced it, welcomed it and searched for it.

She started her first company at age 20 when she dropped out of college. Fast forward a couple years, and she founded 7 companies and helped to build a multi-million dollar industry from a broken laptop that she used on someone else’s kitchen table while living on a mattress behind someone else’s couch. During this time, she helped to produce nearly 500 events in 10 different countries and her companies have been featured in countless magazines, news outlets, television appearances and publications around the world.

For years, all of the superficial success and busy non-stop schedules distracted her from what she knew was of true importance and value: happiness, family, love, and inner peace. After privately and quietly battling with depression, anxiety, and an unhappy marriage for nearly a decade, she finally gathered the courage to stand up for herself and leave everything behind, including the successful companies that  she loved and helped build, in order to embark on her personal journey toward INNER SUCCESS, writing her first book, and starting new companies and projects that absolutely set her soul on fire.

Today, Elina spends her days enjoying the life that truly makes her happy: coaching, empowering, and inspiring others, writing, focusing on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development, hiking, climbing, shooting guns, training in multiple forms of martial arts, exploring, traveling, being involved in charities, and spending quality time with her son and family."

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Meet the author who brought this incredible vision to life through her passions of empowering, helping, and inspiring others. 

IT IS HER MISSION to help others find fulfillment and achieve their goals mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 

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