Our #SHAREYOURSTORY project will take place on Day Four of The ISP Cruise.

No experience necessary! On Day Four of this event, we will open up the stage and microphone for anyone and everyone to come forward and share their story if they feel the need to. Want to help and inspire others? Want to make a positive impact in someone's life?  Have an incredible story to share? Feel the need to help and inspire others? Want to share what you've learned and accomplished in life, love, family, health and/or business? We would be honored to have you share your story on The ISP Cruise! 

Welcome to The ISP Family.  Let's journey together.   


Are You Ready To Share Your Story?



No experience necessary! Our #SHAREYOURSTORY Project is open to all guests who attend The ISP Cruise! We can only accept a certain number of stories for this program Please submit yours as soon as possible to be placed on the roster for Day 4 of The ISP Cruise. 

#SHAREYOURSTORY is a program for REGISTERED GUESTS of The ISP Cruise. 

Please complete your event registration before submitting your story for this program. 

When you submit your story, it can be as long or as short as you want  it to be. Don’t hold back; share it all with us. Tell us everything.  This is your safe place to release every single thing. We would love to  learn about your story, your obstacles, how you became the person you  are today, everything you’ve dealt with, struggled with, how you  overcame it, who you have become during the process, how you felt during  your hard times, how you picked yourself back up and succeeded; whether  that means succeeding mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or  financially. Success means something different to everyone. Your story  is your story and we can’t wait to hear it.    

It is our mission to make ISP a judgement-free place where everyone can gather, grow, network, strengthen and support one another. We want ISP to be a safe place for all to learn, heal, improve and conquer. We are searching for others who have a passion for helping and inspiring others to help us make a difference.      

If you don't see a category that quite fits you but you would still like to participate in this event or if you would like to suggest a new category for us to add to the event, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you and know what you think!  

Submit Your Story! Speak On Stage!

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Here Are Some Stories To Look Forward To On The Cruise!


Trilingual, brilliant, vegan, survivor, superwoman. Meet Connie Chi. Connie’s story is one of true strength and resilience. Connie is a successful self-made businesswoman, and the founder and CEO of The Chi Group, a global branding agency. She also hosts a podcast called, “The Brand Academy Podcast.” Connie’s work has been featured and mentioned in numerous media outlets including Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, Business Insider, CEO World Magazine, and multiple others. 

Connie has seen it all, from starting her own companies, continuing to succeed after three failed businesses, surviving a near-death-experience, and rebuilding her entire life while finding herself, her strength, her motivation, and her enormous courage to never give up no matter what.


Robby’s  incredible weight loss transformation of losing 115 pounds, fulfilling his life-long dream of playing college football, being featured in the number one men’s health magazine in the market, competing on stage in a men’s physique competition, and overcoming  numerous mental and emotional obstacles throughout his lifetime is truly inspirational and empowering.  


Elina Lee shares her struggles with severe  depression, anxiety, and constant thoughts of suicide while living in the home she worked nearly a decade for and how she gathered the strength to walk away and build a new life; a happy life.  



Charmion Janae shares her powerful story of surviving childhood trauma, sexual abuse, losing a loved one, and how she gathered the strength and courage to keep fighting forward in life despite her circumstances.


Elina Lee speaks on her story of walking away from a multi-million dollar company to having to apply for food stamps and how who she was, where her values lied and how she practiced an "attitude of gratitude" never changed despite her circumstances. 



You're unhappy because you're not in alignment with who you are; not because of what anybody else is doing or saying. Life is full of challenges. Being happy shouldn't be one of them.  You are the greatest investment you'll ever work on but the concept of  "being happy" shouldn't challenge you to the point where you stress out.  Just do what you want to do and be who you want to be; regardless of how that may appear to others. Don't overthink it. It's such a simple concept that most of us just can't seem to figure out, including myself for many years.


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