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From getting arrested as an adolescent, dropping out of school, becoming a mother at 17, surviving sexual abuse, depression and anxiety, making millions then choosing to walk away from it all and set out on her personal journey toward inner success; Elina’s story is a perfect example of how anyone can achieve success despite their circumstances.    

Full-time mother. Mental health advocate. Self-made millionaire. High school and college drop-out. Adrenaline junkie. Bad ass. Just a few words to describe her. Since she was a child, Elina was never afraid of risk or a challenge; in fact, she has always embraced it, welcomed it and searched for it.    

She started her first company at age 20 when she dropped out of college where she had her eyes set on becoming a doctor. Life had other plans for her. During this time, Elina was a broke, full time student and single mother caring for her son on her own. Although, she had plans to become a doctor, she still wasn’t exactly sure of what she wanted to do with her life; all she knew was that, one day, she wanted to become successful, empower and inspire others. 

Fast forward a couple years, and she helped to build a multi-million dollar industry from a broken laptop that she used on someone else’s kitchen table while living on a mattress behind someone else’s couch. During this time, she helped to produce nearly 500 events in 10 different countries and her companies have been featured in countless magazines, news outlets, television appearances and publications around the world.    

For years, all of the success, traveling and busy non-stop schedules  distracted her from what she knew was of true importance and value: happiness, family, love and inner peace. After privately and quietly battling with depression, anxiety, and an unhappy marriage for nearly a decade, she finally gathered the courage to stand up for herself  and leave everything behind, including the successful companies that  she loved and helped build, in order to embark on her personal journey toward inner success, writing her first book and starting a new company that absolutely sets her soul on fire.

With nearly ten years of experience in event production, she is overjoyed to be passionately working on The Inner Success Project’s Cruises, Life Mastery Retreats, and Success Coaching Programs

Her mission and vision for these events, which take place four times each year in different countries around the world, is to create a community and place for positive, like-minded people to gather, grow, empower and support one another while traveling the world, as well as, to create a solid platform for motivational keynote speakers, life coaches, and “come-ups” to share their stories through her #SHAREYOURSTORY project.

Each ISP Cruise and Life Mastery Retreat features exciting daily and nightly themed events, charity galas, soirees, adventures, group excursions (like kayaking, zip lining, ATVing, cave diving, hiking, etc.), group activities, workouts, workshops, and so much more! And, better yet; each of these events are family friendly so the kids can come along! 

The ISP Success Coaching Programs are led by Certified and Professional “Results Coaches” around the country. Each one-on-one program, in-person program, and online program is individually customized and designed by an ISP Success Coach to fit the needs, goals, and visions of the client in any area from “health and fitness” to “business and finance” to “personal growth and development” to “marriage and relationships;” and more.

Today, Elina spends her days enjoying the life that truly makes her happy: coaching, empowering, and inspiring others, writing, focusing on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development, hiking, exploring, traveling, and spending quality time with her son, family, and loved ones.


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The Inner Success Project’s Cruises and Life Mastery Retreats or to apply for a “One-on-One” Success Coaching Program with Elina or any of our Certified ISP Coaches, call 1-800-213-1302.

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