This is one story you don't want to miss! We're honored to have humanitarian, motivational speaker, actor, and model, SERGIO DELAVICCI, as seen in John Wick 3, Creed 2 and more, join us in Growth Group for this LIVE FEED EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR MEMBERS! Sergio will also be a featured speaker at ISP Growth Retreat in Cancun, Mexico February 20-23, 2020 at The 5 Star Le Blanc Resort. See you there!  

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Connie Chi



Founder and CEO of The Chi Group

Host of The Brand Academy Podcast

TEDX Speaker

Connie’s work has been featured and mentioned in numerous media outlets including Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, Business Insider, CEO World Magazine, and multiple others. 

Robby D'Angelo

Best-selling author of the book,  The Struggle is Real 

Founder of RISE UP Health Initiative 

Host of The Biohacked Life Podcast

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

Featured in the number one men’s health magazine in the market

All-American College Football Player who successfully lost over 100 pounds and overcame the many  challenges in health, life, and business while learning to become the  healthiest and most successful version of himself inside and out. Robby's story is truly inspirational and empowering.  

(Featured in The Inner Success Project Book) 



Brittany DeLane


Known for being an industry “Jill of All Trades”, Brittany is an all-encompassing Media Professional and Personality with accolades of being the 

Founder of “Pretty - and Big Too! - "A Revolution of Beauty Redefined" ©

Founder and Director of Media Operations for deLane' Media & Management Group, LLC

A noted writer, brand manager and publicist, a published indie model, a body confidence and self love inspirationalist, a stylist and image consultant, red carpet correspondent, and speaker.


Spencer Beaudreault



Former Athlete

Trainer and Lifestyle Coach   


Cannabis Advocate

Spending  years training with and under collegiate athletes, professional  athletes,  collegiate coaches, and professional coaches, Spencer was able to  gain  all the necessary tools he needed to build a successful business  in the fitness industry.  

Joe Elizalde Jr.




Not the average Joe.

Meet Joe Elizalde Jr., successful self-made social entrepreneur on a mission to help others have breakthroughs in life by finding purpose, passion and prosperity through social currency.

Charmion Janae


Childhood Trauma Survivor

Charmion shares her story of true strength, courage, resilience and positivity as she overcomes her childhood trauma and sickle cell disease. 

(Featured in The Inner Success Project Book) 



Damien Callais



Visionary, entrepreneur, mentor, public speaker, disaster relief expert.

Co-Founder of the  world-renowned volunteer group, Cajun Navy Relief.  

As seen in The Washington Post, CBS Eye on America, Prosper Magazine, Canadian National News (CTV) and more. 

To date, the Cajun  Navy Relief has rescued more than 30,000 people and returned them to  safe ground. Cajun Navy was subsequently mentioned during the 2018 State  Of the Union Address by President Donald J Trump as "American Heroes". 

Jacob Jacomine


 Serial Entrepreneur

Total Budget Nerd

Owner of multiple businesses

On a mission to spread the "debt-free-lifestyle"  movement and help you take control of your finances, investments, and  debt to build a solid future of financial freedom. 

Specializing  in Business, Finance, Investments, Debt Reduction, Strategic Budgeting,  Stress + Time Management, Mental + Emotional Health, Relationship  Coaching, Personal Growth + Development, Happiness + Fulfillment


Dale Riley


Dale Riley speaks out on his triumphant story of overcoming depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder along with how he found the strength to find happiness and pursue his successful business ventures.  

Renecka Ross


 Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

Founder of 2 Above and Beyond, a non-profit organization focused on reminding young girls of their worth  and pushing them toward their purpose. 


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